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Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd. (“Wanglaoji Health” for short) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou. Established on February 28, 2012, it is authorized to use the brand of "Wanglaoji" to produce and sell Wanglaoji Red Can and Red Bottle Herbal Tea Products, and Ciningji Compound Juice Beverage, Yerou Coconut Juice, Dazhai Walnut Beverage, etc. It is one of the few state-owned enterprises that produce FMCG. The company currently employs more than 10,000 people and has seven wholly-owned subsidiaries, one joint venture and one branch, making it the leader in herbal tea industry with the largest market share, largest sales volume and greatest brand influence. It has won the first place in China's brand strength index and the champion of consumer satisfaction for many consecutive years. It is a time-honored Chinese brand with considerable influence both at home and abroad.

Wanglaoji, the ancestor of herbal tea, has a brand value of RMB 108 billion!

Invented in the Daoguang period of Qing Dynasty in 1828, Wanglaoji is recognized as the ancestor of herbal tea. With a long history of nearly 200 years, Wanglaoji is the representative of traditional Chinese herbal tea culture. In 2006, the brand of Wanglaoji was included in the list of "National Precious Intangible Cultural Heritage". In the same year, it was recognized as "Time-Honored Chinese Brand" by Ministry of Commerce. In 2014, it was awarded the Guinness World Record of "World's Oldest Herbal Tea Brand".

Made from the 100-year traditional formula of "Three Flowers, Three Grasses, One Leaf", Wanglaoji’s herbal tea selects natural Chinese herbal medicines as the raw ingredients and adopts modern production technology in production. With its first-class quality and excellent taste, Wanglaoji herbal tea has been sold well throughout China and exported to many countries, making it the top herbal tea brand in China with a brand value of RMB 108 billion assessed by national authoritative institutions.

"136 Strategy" for Innovation and Breakthrough: Wanglaoji is Leading the Herbal Tea Industry!

Since its establishment, Wanglaoji Health has complied with the trend of the health industry and implemented the "136 Strategy" under the overall arrangement of GPHL. It has adopted the three development paths of product operation, capital operation and virtual profit creation, formulated the six strategies of talent strategy, technology strategy, brand strategy, resource strategy, standardization strategy and internationalization strategy, and adhered to a diversified development path to gain a firm foothold as the top herbal tea brand in China.

At present, Wanglaoji has registered trademarks in and exported products to 60 countries and regions in the world with over ten million terminal outlets, an annual sales of over ten billion yuan, and a market share of 70%, ranking first in the herbal tea industry.

All-round development and outstanding advantages

In terms of sales strategy, Wanglaoji Health has built its own marketing network to carry out its marketing. At present, it own marketing teams have employed more than 10,000 people and they are very powerful and successful. The overall market competition strategies have covered traditional channels, catering channels, gift channels, non-mainstream channels, e-commerce channels, etc. to realize all-channel sales. It has also branched into gift market and bottled herbal tea market, making its products sold well all over the country and the whole world.

In terms of brand operation, Wanglaoji has formulated the development strategy of "fashion, technology, culture" and has built the "Auspicious Culture" and "Functional Beverage Culture" (internal heat prevention) so that the slogans of "Drink Wanglaoji to prevent internal heat” and "Drink Wanglaoji to celebrate an auspicious New Year" have been deeply rooted in people. At the same time, Wanglaoji has been active in making its brand better targeted at the younger generation. Wanglaoji has been constantly increasing the vitality of its brand through innovative communication with its consumers on social media. As a representative of traditional Chinese herbal tea culture, Wanglaoji Health shoulders the important task of spreading herbal tea culture. To achieve this goal, Wanglaoji has set up herbal tea museums in Guangzhou, Beijing, Ya'an and New York in the United States. In the future, it will set up 56 herbal tea museums in Tokyo, Taiwan (China), Australia, etc. to promote herbal tea culture more vigorously.

In terms of productivity construction, Wanglaoji has built more than 50 production bases nationwide. During the Ya'an earthquake, it invested in the construction of the production base in Ya’an by adopting the public welfare mode of "blood transfusion and blood generation". The product base in Ya’an realized mass production in 2015. The construction of Meizhou stoste extraction base Wanglaoji built to contribute to the development of Meizhou will be finished and the base will be put into operation in 2020. Upon completion, the base will become the world’s largest herbal tea stoste extraction base with leading level of automation to provide stoste for Wanglaoji’s filling production plants nationwide. The planned Nansha herbal tea flagship base and Lanzhou production base will further improve the production capacity layout of Wanglaoji in the future. At the same time, Wanglaoji plans to build innovation industry bases that integrate production, culture and technology in Taizhou, Yichang, Shaoguan, Yiyang, Puyang and Chuxiong to accelerate Wanglaoji’s productivity layout with the light asset mode.

In terms of product system, Wanglaoji vigorously promotes the strategy of single product diversification and category diversification. In addition to the classic red can and red bottle Wanglaoji herbal tea, sugar-free herbal tea, black herbal tea, jasmine herbal tea, Baobing herbal tea and other herbal tea sub-products have been introduced. Meanwhile, Wanglaoji has branched into the field of plant protein functional beverages, and introduced Dazhai walnut beverage, Yerou coconut juice and other new products. In 2019, Wanglaoji introduced Ciningji compound juice, which created a trend of consumption for health.

In terms of quality control, Wanglaoji has been adhering to the concepts of “product quality first” and "zero defect". It strictly implements the five-level quality assurance system, and the whole-process quality management covering the whole process of raw material procurement, production process control and inspection, product ex-factory inspection and after-sales service, so as to continue to achieve the goal of zero food safety accident that has been achieved for many years.

Inherit the century-old brand and create more brilliant chapters in the new era!

To achieve more in the next 190 years, Wanglaoji will continue to adhere to the concept of high-quality development, keep in mind its original aspiration, and foster its corporate values of "being loyal to the company, being courageous to take on responsibilities, being willing to contribute and being good at learning" so as to take up the strategic positioning of “upgrading Wanglaoji from the No.1 herbal tea brand in China to China’s Coca Cola”, achieve the corporate vision of building Wanglaoji Health into the “No.1 company in the field of plant functional beverage” and fulfill the corporate mission of "making the world more auspicious".

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