Brand Value


Surviving over 190years,wanglaoji stands the most authentic herbal tea

As a time-honored brand with a history of 190 years, Wanglaoji has been adhering to the enterprise mission of "Becoming a Banner of Chinese National Brand Going to the World", the brand development strategy of "Fashion, Science, Technology, Culture" and has persisted in inheriting and innovating to achieve the development of high-quality herbal tea industry. At present, we have established a complete product trading system with the market coverage of more than 60 countries and regions, mainly in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and other places. As for the spreading of herbal tea culture, we actively use the platform of high potential energy to tell the story of Wanglaoji brand to the world, promote Chinese herbal tea culture, and devote ourselves to creating Wanglaoji to be Chinese Coca-Cola and become a world-famous brand.

Under the guidance of the national "One Belt and One Road" strategy, Wanglaoji made active layout in the three aspects of product export, international standard setting and herbal tea culture and made efforts to turn it into a "China Symbol" to the world, displaying the international image and brand strength of Chinese enterprises on the world stage. As for building Chinese herbal tea standard, Wanglaoji entrusted Nobel laureate Dr. Fried Mullard and worked together with Switzerland's SGS to initiate the International Standard Research Project on Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Botanical Beverage, which laid an international standard for herbal tea to enter the world market. Hundred-year brand influence and high-tech provide a strong backing up for the development of Wanglaoji herbal tea.

Thus, we warmly welcome overseas distributors to work together with us and actively promote Wanglaojiherbal tea products as well as herbal tea culture, creating Wanglaojiinto the most popular health drink. We invite you sincerely to join us!