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What benefits will the cooperation between a first-class university and a century-old national brand deliver in September when a new term begins?

On September 4, Guangzhou Phar. Holdings carried out in-depth cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University by donating RMB 11 million to set up the "Wanglaoji Education Fund for Sun Yat-sen University” to step up the efforts to cultivate talents, develop students' second classroom and help the university cultivate "future leaders".

Chen Chunsheng, party secretary of Sun Yat-sen University and chairman of the Foundation, Xiao Haipeng, vice-president of Sun Yat-sen University and vice-chairman of the Foundation, Chen Xinzi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the School of Medicine of Sun Yat-sen University, Li Chuyuan, party secretary and chairman of Guangzhou Phar. Holdings, Cai Ruiyu, director of the Organization Department, Human Resources Department and United Front Work Department of Guangzhou Phar. Holdings, Wu Huinan, party secretary of Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd. Zhao Min, deputy general manager of Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., as well as representatives of teachers and students of various colleges and departments of Sun Yat-sen University attended the donation ceremony.

Signing Ceremony of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd.’s Donation of RMB 11 Million to Sun Yat-sen University to set up Wanglaoji Education Fund

"Future Leaders" Campus Fund Set up

Wanglaoji Donated RMB Ten Million to Set Up a Fund in the Top University of south of the Five Ridges

As one of the top ten universities in China, Sun Yat-sen University was founded by Mr. Sun Yat-sen in the Republic of China era. With a history of more than 100 years, Sun Yat-sen University enjoys strong academic atmosphere and comprehensive disciplines. As a leading example of the modern comprehensive universities located in the south of the Five Ridges and a "Double First-class" university in China, Sun Yat-sen University has cultivated a large number of talents and elites for the society and the country.

The relationship between Guangzhou Phar. Holdings and Sun Yat-sen University and Mr. Sun Yat-sen dates back to the Republic of China era. Yang Yin, the organizer of the Guangzhou Uprising and member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, carried out labor movement activities disguised as a worker in Chan Li Chai, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Phar. Holdings back then. Li Lang, the captain of the guard for Sun Yat-sen was also an employee of Chan Li Chai and with his business talent, he helped Chan Li Chai become one of the top three Chinese patent medicine manufacturers. Chan Li Chai’s time-honored brand, one of the earliest western medicine factories in South China, Baiyunshan “Guanghua” was named after Sun Yat-sen’s inscription of “Practising medicine in order to help the people and make China prosperous”. Today, Guangzhou Phar. Holdings inherits and carries forward the revolutionary spirit and innovates its talents cultivation system with the changes of the times so as to make constant contribution to the construction in the new era.

Statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Base of “Shennong Caotang”  Museum in Guangzhou Phar. Holdings

At the donation ceremony, Guangzhou Phar. Holdings and Sun Yat-sen University had full exchanges on the cultivation of outstanding students, scientific research development and campus cultural and sports construction, and reached a consensus on talent cultivation and the construction in the new era.

Li Chuyuan, party secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Phar. Holdings, an alumni of Sun Yat-sen University, and the representative of the donor, expressed his gratitude to Sun Yat-sen University for its years of cultivation, care and support. He pointed out that Guangzhou Phar. Holdings made the donation in order to bring its positive rile as a leading enterprise into full play, make contribution to national talent construction and the all-round development of students, and attract more alumnus to support the development of Sun Yat-sen University. He hoped that the fund would help Sun Yat-sen University cultivate more innovative talents, and promote national scientific research and social development. He expected that Sun Yat-sen University would provide more talents for Guangzhou Phar. Holdings and that they would be able to promote the great revival of the Chinese nation and make the “Chinese Dream” come true.

Party Secretary and Chairman Li Chuyuan made a speech at the donation ceremony

In his speech, Chen Chunsheng, Party Secretary of Sun Yat-sen University, expressed his gratitude to Guangzhou Phar. Holdings and Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd. for their long-term care and support for the development of education in the university. He pointed out that the establishment of this fund would promote student cultivation, increase the proportion of undergraduates entering higher education, and help relevant colleges and schools carry out students' second classroom activities. He hoped that students to receive the financial aid would adhere to the school motto and become qualified builders and reliable successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Party Secretary of Sun Yat-sen University Chen Chunsheng Made a Speech at the Donation Ceremony

The Education Fund is an important part of Wanglaoji's "Future Leaders" campus public welfare fund. Over the years, Wanglaoji has made great efforts in campus public welfare undertakings to support talent cultivation and the construction of the times. In 2015, Wanglaoji initiated the campus "Future Leaders" fund scheme to support talent cultivation in 20 "Double First-class" universities in China and work with these universities to establish cultivation mechanism for the cultivation of innovative talents and cultivate more excellent talents for the society and the country. Through the scheme, over 1,500 outstanding students from various colleges and universities in China have been awarded the scholarship. This scheme encourages students to work harder and make more progress in their studies and their pursuit of dreams.

Sun Yat-sen University Gives Donation Acknowledgement Certificate to Guangzhou Phar. Holdings

Strengthen Talent Training

Guangzhou Phar. Holdings Upgrades Its Talent Introduction Policy

The state has always attached great importance to talent training mechanism of colleges and universities. In 2018, the Ministry of Education stressed that colleges should speed up the establishment of high-level talent training system and cultivate a large number of high-quality professionals with ideals, abilities and responsibilities to provide strong talent support and intellectual support for building a well-off society in an all-round way, basically realizing socialist modernization and building China into a modern socialist country.

For a long time, Guangzhou Phar. Holdings has joined forces with major universities to promote the development of Wanglaoji's "Future Leaders" campus fund project based on the talent demand for cause of construction of the country and the rapid development of the group. Through the project, talents have been found and cultivated for the society and country, and Wanglaoji brand has been better known and loved by young people. Through college-enterprise cooperation, more young people have the chance to learn about and engage in medical and pharmaceutical industry and herbal tea industry, contributing to the innovation, inheritance and development of the traditional Chinese culture.

College students visit Shennong Caotang Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Base and Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Museum in summer

Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Phar. Holdings, said that according to the current talent recruitment policy of Guangzhou Phar. Holdings and Wanglaoji Health, in the upcoming school recruitment season, all outstanding students who are going to graduate from top 100 universities in the world and top 10 universities in China would have the change to join Guangzhou Phar. Holdings or Wanglaoji Health, and that undergraduates would enjoy the salary for master students and masters students would enjoy the salary for doctoral students. Li Chuyuan gave offers to students of Sun Yat-sen University on site and invited more aspiring young people to join the group to demonstrate their self-worth and realize social ideals.

At the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it is high time that young people strived to be state builders in the new era. Wanglaoji will continue to carry out its public welfare activities in colleges and universities and work with them to cultivate more talents for the society and the country so that more young people will make great achievements in the new era and realize the "Chinese Dream" of the great revival of the Chinese nation.