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Wanglaoji Health Industry (Ya'an) Co., Ltd. won the title of

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On September 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the fourth list of green manufacturers. Wanglaoji Health Industry (Ya'an) Co., Ltd, as the only eligible enterprise in Ya'an City, was selected as a "National Green Factory". (Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the publication of the fourth list of green manufacturers at:

The title of "National Green Factory" is awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China to enterprises that have realized "green development". It demonstrates Wanglaoji’s leading role in energy saving and environmental protection in the industry. Wanglaoji Ya’an Company started to apply for the title since October 2018 and the formal preparation began in March 2019. In just half a year, despite numerous difficulties, the company has gone through declaring policy analysis, materials preparation, on-site evaluation by third-party evaluation agencies, assessment and confirmation by provincial industrial and information department, and expert assessment and recommendation. Finally, Wanglaoji Ya’an Company was viewed as meeting the standards for green development.

Wanglaoji Factory Map

It is worth mentioning that Wanglaoji Ya'an Company is the first self-financed and self-built factory of Wanglaoji, and Wanglaoji made many first attempts to conserve energy in the company since there is no experience for Wanglaoji to learn from. The company is constantly innovating and striving to be the innovator and leader of the industry. It actively responds to the “Healthy China” initiative in the 13th Five-Year Plan, strictly complies with national laws and regulations on environmental protection, and always considers environmental protection as the lifeline of its development. The company has raised the concept of green development to the strategic management level, established a relevant leading group and establishing the green development indicator system and various regulations, formulated energy-saving and environmental protection mechanisms, established a sound quality, environmental and occupational health management system, continuously increased investment in environmental protection, continuously promoted low-carbon emission, carried out land intensification, production cleanliness, waste resources utilization and low-carbon emission so as to become a green company.

The production base of Wanglaoji Ya'an Company has adopted rational planning in building lighting, heat insulation, ventilation and electricity saving to reduce energy consumption; implemented a series of measures to protect environment, save energy and reduce emission to meet the national requirements for clean production and low-carbon and green development; adopted new technologies and techniques to recycle waste heat, waste pressure and waste air to reduce pollutant emissions; used energy saving equipment recommended by the state; and built its own sewage treatment system.

Lighting map of factory building

Energy saving map of plant

As a century-old national brand, Wanglaoji has realized green development, set an example, and become a leader in China’s herbal tea industry. It vigorously promotes the healthy development of herbal tea industry, actively brings its advantages of scientific research into full play, improves product quality, increases the investment in product R&D and promotion, builds its traditional Chinese medicine health care products into fashionable brands, promotes the development of its health industry, and builds Wanglaoji into an influential international brand.

Greening map of factory

In the future, Wanglaoji Ya'an Company will strengthen its green development, always remember its corporate mission, fulfill its social responsibility, build a green manufacturing system, promote the construction and development of its green factories to realize the efficient, clean, low-carbon, circular and sustainable development, continue to make contribution to major disasters relief, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and other social welfare undertakings in a comprehensive and multi-faceted manner, carry forward the spirit of the national herbal tea brand of Wanglaoji, and make greater contributions to the initiative of "Healthy China".