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What innovations have Wanglaoji made in the campus marketing competition in the past 5 years

2019-11-04 740 browsing

At present, post-95’ and post-00’ speak Internet buzzwords that even post-90’ cannot understand. If we invite them to do marketing for their favorite brands, what will they do?

On October 26, the national finals of the 3rd Wanglaoji Campus Marketing Competition was held in Sichuan University. During the past five months, 11 marketing talents have been selected from more than 400 colleges and universities in over 30 cities in North China, East China, South China, Central China and West China. They gather in Chengdu and the grand finals for post-95’ and post-00’ is going to start.

Li Xiaofeng, a doctoral supervisor of Sichuan University's Business School; Yan Jinjiang, a master's supervisor of Sichuan University's Business School; Su Deqiang, deputy secretary of Sichuan University's Youth League Committee; Li Hongmei, deputy general manager of Sichuan Daily News Group's Cover News; Wang Changyi, director of Marketing Department of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd.; and He Wenchuan, chief manager of Wanglaoji’s national campus projects, were invited to serve as the judges of the competition and remark on students’ excellent marketing schemes.

Students’ marketing schemes were both creative and full of passion. Finally, the "Bijia Thinking Team" from Southwest University of Finance and Economics won the championship with its outstanding and creative scheme. The "Ji Chao Si Xi Team" from Changsha University and the "Ji Ni Tai Mei Team" from Sichuan University won the second and third prizes respectively. All teams have performed so well and all team members are so passionate.

The judges thought highly of the participants’ flexible application of AR technology, traditional Chinese style, cultural marketing strategy, cross-border integration, blind box operation, and insight into the lifestyle of youth in the new era in the marketing competition. They praised the participants for their meticulous and comprehensive pre-competition market research, and made professional suggestions to the participants in systematic plan design, plan implementation, choice of marketing channels, marketing strategies development, and target group analysis.

Multi-level Construction of Campus Marketing Ecology

To Empower the Brand to the Maximum Degree

This is not just a campus marketing competition!

Since 2015, Wanglaoji has been inviting college and university students across the country to participate in its campus marketing competition. Over the past five years, a multi-level and diversified campus marketing ecology has been established to upgrade the competition in terms of coverage, mentor selection, cooperative units and other enabling factors. The following efforts have been made:

1. The regional competition has been upgraded to a national one that covers North China, East China, South China, Central China and West China, and the number of participating colleges and universities and student teams has been increasing year by year. So far, more than 1,500 teams have participated.

2. The competition has evolved from a single marketing competition to a comprehensive competition that involves pre-competition publicity, on-the-spot investigation, financial support, practical employment, etc. to provide all-round professional guidance for college and university students.

3. The competition actively carries out cross-border cooperation to integrate the resources of enterprises, universities, media, associations, etc. including the National Research Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, Innovation-Driven Research Institute, Southern Sports of Southern Newspaper Group, Cover News of Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group, International Institute of Business Administration of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Business School of Sichuan University, etc. Related teachers and experts in the above institutions have made valuable suggestions to and provided various resources for the participants to stimulate their passion for innovation and guide them to respond to the call of the state and actively participate in the "second classroom" activity to improve their practical ability.

A strong mentor team

Young people nowadays dare to try new things and challenge themselves. To be a good friend for them in their life and study, Wanglaoji has continuously explored and innovated, and chooses Liu Haoran, Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Yixing, and other new generation idols to be its endorsers, and works with Xishanju to customize “Game Can" to attract the attention of young people and establish more personalized, multi-level and closer emotional connections with them.

The campus marketing competition, which has been held for five consecutive years, is one of the important channels for Wanglaoji to build connections with young people, especially young college students, with whom Wanglaoji has exchange of views about the positioning of brand marketing and IP building, which has not only promoted college students' active and in-depth understanding of Wanglaoji's brand culture, but also realized the two-way interaction between the brand and its consumers.

The Dream of Building A Powerful Nation for A Century-Old National Brand

Promoting the Strategy of Building a Powerful Nation through Talents

For a long time, to promote the development of China’s various undertakings and respond to the "strategy of building a powerful country through talents", Wanglaoji has joined forces with many major colleges and universities to create a new ecological environment in which products and consumption are connected, campus culture is promoted, and an innovative talent training mechanism is established based on Wanglaoji’s own advantageous resources and capabilities, in order to cultivate more outstanding talents in the new era to realize the “Chinese Dream”.

Wanglaoji has successively started campus fund projects in nearly 20 "double first-class" universities including Fudan University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University and Peking University. By organizing students to visit Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Museum, signing contracts with campus managers, setting up campus clubs, etc., Wanglaoji has built an open, efficient, thoughtful and dynamic communication platform for university students, which has achieved remarkable results. In the future, Wanglaoji will continue to explore more new ways to carry out campus public welfare activities to strengthen its support for the nation in talent cultivation and the construction of the times.