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Annual Training Meeting of Channel Department Contributes to Double-Digit Annual Sales Increase

2019-10-31 721 browsing

The same piece of iron can be melted, or turned into steel; the same team can work in vain, or achieve great things. In order to improve the team's professional ability and the ability to provide assistance, on October 28 to 29, 2019, the Channel Department organized nearly 160 management staff and excellent staff engaging in channels to participate in the department's annual training and expansion activities in Beihai, Guangxi. The training mainly focuses on improving the staff’s ability to broaden channels and to provide better assistance for the sales team.

Improve Professional Abilities 

To meet the company’s demand for "cost control and price maintenance" and improve the ability of all staff in the Channel Department across the country to evaluate action plans and control cost, the company invited Mr. Zhang Fangjin, a special researcher in China Management Research Institute and the director of  Consumer Goods Enterprise Research Institute, who has rich experience in marketing management, to offer a one-day training session. 

Mr. Zhang guided the training attendees to fully participate in the discussion of the training through case study and the introduction of useful tools from the perspectives of promotion objects, promotion methods, promotion schemes and promotion evaluations. His humorous lecture has made all the attendees to deeply realize the importance of cost control. After the lecture, Feng Wenxu, director of the Channel Department, commented on the lecture, pointing out that the lecture had provided thinking training for the staff in the Channel Department so that they could increase their self-value and achieve more and better results in their job.

Mr. Zhang Fangjin giving a lecture 

Through this training, the channel staff has had new ideas in formulating action plans and controlling cost and their horizon has been broadened.

Standardization of work

The Channel Department is responsible for formulating standards. To help all channel staff establish a unified standard, Manager Hu Yue from the Sichuan and Chongqing division, who was just promoted to be a mid-level internal trainer, worked with his teammates to formulate the "Work Manual for Channel Staff”, and introduced the main content of the manual and provided guidance as to how the channel staff should work.

"Success in Terminal" is a key project of the company and one of the key tasks of the Channel Department. In order to carry out this project more effectively in 2020, Sales Manager Guo Wenhua of No.1 Sales Department collected the problems and difficulties facing the project in the past two years and formulated the report of "Success in Terminal in 2020", and read the report at the conference. It is believed that the project will be carried out more smoothly next year and the data to be obtained will be more useful.

"Safety is an important matter". Channel staff visit the market and carry out various inspections all the year round. In order to improve their safety awareness, this meeting specially invited Comrade Yin Lu of the Security Department to publicize traffic safety knowledge. Through watching the company's traffic safety video and learning professional safety knowledge, all the staff reviewed the safety laws and regulations, committed "Gomez Traffic Safety Law" to memory and were determined to always put traffic safety first.

Mr. Feng Wenxu, Director of the Channel Department, giving a keynote speech entitled "All Rivers Run Into Sea and Reach the Peak of Perfection"

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Feng Wenxu, director of the Channel Department, gave a speech entitled "All Rivers Run Into Sea and Reach the Peak of Perfection". This was a comprehensive and vivid speech on the core work and the goals of the Channel Department, the general demand on the channel team, and the expectations for the department in 2020, which provided guidance for the Channel Department’s work in 2020. What’s more, at the meeting, outstanding channel staff and teams in 2019 were commended and it was believed that their exemplary role would have a positive influence on all channel staff of Wanglaoji.

Enhance team vitality and unity 

To relieve the staff’s fatigue, help them have fun, show the team’s collaborative spirit and enhance team vitality, the Channel Department held Fun Games to promote the channel staff’s enthusiasm, improve their ability to coordinate hands and feet, enhance their spirit of team work, test their wisdom, stamina, unity and collaboration. All the staff found pleasure in the Fun Games. The Department hoped that through this activity, the staff’s pressure of life and work would be relieved and their vitality would be increased.

The Department hopes that through the training, all the channel staff will apply what they have acquired to practice and all teams will conduct internal training so as to contribute to the company's "cost control and price maintenance" project, achieve all annual targets and tasks, and at the same time, lay a solid foundation for next year's "Success in Terminal" project.