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"Wanglaoji+Game for Peace+Mini Program": this time we want to do something different!

2019-11-20 765 browsing

On November 18, “Wanglaoji • Game for Peace” Strategic Cooperation and Mini Program for Customized Can Launching Conference was held. Weng Shaoquan, general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., Ye Jizeng, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Liao Kan, director of market of Tencent Interactive Entertainment and head of "Game for Peace” brand, and Ms. Tan Jingying, general manager of distribution and commerce of Tencent Pictures and head of commerce of Tencent Games, attended the conference.

“Wanglaoji • Game for Peace” Strategic Cooperation and Mini Program for Customized Cans Launching Conference

Wanglaoji and "Game for Peace" will have in-depth online and offline cooperation in product contents and brand connotation. At the launching conference, Wanglaoji officially launched the first mini program for customization in beverage industry, "Wanglaoji Customization Mall", which upgraded the strategy of "Super Wanglaoji 4.0" through the self-built C2B mall.

Marketing in Game Circle

Wanglaoji Joins Hands with "Game for Peace" for Cross-Industry Win-Win Cooperation 

Generation Z refers to the generation that has been greatly influenced by technological products such as the Internet, instant messaging, smart phones and tablets, and the majority of the generation are post-95’ and post-00’ who believe in individuality and freedom. The field of mobile games has been one of the key fields boosting the increase in the number of pan-entertainment users in the Z era, with 664 million active users per month.

The data show that 45.6% of the interviewees believe that adding gaming elements to Wanglaoji’s products will attract more attention of the post-00’. Gaining a deep insight into the needs of users, Wanglaoji has long been targeting the market segment of mobile phone games, which has attracted the attention of a lot of young people, and has conducted cooperation with various mobile phone game companies.

Game for Wanglaoji

"Game for Peace" is one of Tencent's top mobile phone games that has rich IP contents. Wanglaoji is a well-known herbal tea brand which for years has produced healthy drinks to the public thanks to its innovative development. Wanglaoji has always advocated a healthy and sunny lifestyle and led young people to find their ideal life, and "Game for Peace" advocates self-promotion and self-achievement, which coincides with Wanglaoji's target customers and brand value.

Based on the accurate positioning of the target customers and the accurate insight into the market demand, Wanglaoji joined hands with "Game for Peace" to launch high-profile circle marketing in the field of mobile phone games. Some props in the game will be Wanglaoji’s products and in some scenes in the game there will also be Wanglaoji’s products. For example, players may find "Wanglaoji's Exclusive Beverage Vending Machine" when they land on the ground and they can collect Wanglaoji’s products in exchange for useful props. Players can also hear the encouraging voice of Zhou Dongyu, the endorser of Wanglaoji, in the game. In these ways, a unique gaming atmosphere exclusive to Wanglaoji will be created.

Wanglaoji will also launch "Game for Peace" large size customized cans through e-commerce platforms, and distribute 1,000 sets of limited-edition customized can gift boxes to senior fans. In addition, Wanglaoji will work with “Game for Peace” to print QR Code on each of its products to integrate online and offline traffic and achieve win-win outcome in sales volume and traffic.

Ye Jiceng, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., said that Wanglaoji was committed to formulating strategies for young people, breaking down the barriers between different circles for the young generation in a way that young people like, and integrating various cross-border marketing strategies including mini programs and customized cans to innovate its interaction with more young people. The two sides will jointly build an ecological circle to convey a healthy and positive attitude towards life to young people and encourage them to work hard to achieve their own values.

Ye Jiceng, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

Mr. Liao Kan, head of brand and market of “Game for Peace”, said this was an important cooperation that empowered the brand with culture and led the inheritance with innovation. Wanglaoji is the first partner of "Game for Peace" in the beverage and consumer goods industry. He hoped that through the cooperation with Wanglaoji, more innovative cooperation in customized packaging, game in-jokes placement, mini program sales transformation, etc, will be achieved to jointly make the cooperation a fine project.

The First Customized Mini Program in Beverage Industry

Wanglaoji Creates C2B Mall Model

In 2018, Wanglaoji introduced Individual Printing (“Iprinting” for short), a leading high-tech customization technology to produce Wanglaoji customized cans, and launched customization service at its flagship store on in December of the same year.

Now, to meet customers’ needs for personalized customization services, Wanglaoji upgraded its can customization system at the launching conference and launched the first customized mini program in beverage industry, namely "Wanglaoji Customization Mall", which was also Wanglaoji’s self-built C2B mall on its mini program. This mall will provide multiple customization services to meet customers’ needs, make the business chain smoother and realize leapfrog innovation in business operation mode.

“Wanglaoji • Game for Peace” Strategic Cooperation and Mini Program for Customized Can Launching Conference

Through the mini program, customers can customize collectible "Game for Peace" cans according to the image of game characters. The mini program provides a variety of personalized customization templates to meet customers’ needs for confession, blessing and encouragement. The mini program also provides gift card customization services to turn gift cards into a new type of social currency for young people, and build emotional and digital connections between Wanglaoji and customers, and between customers.

In addition, this mini program can penetrate customers and provide convenient, efficient and personalized customization service for them. Through big data analysis of the mini program, we can understand customers’ real thoughts and provide them with personalized and differentiated customization services and optimize the mode of communication between Wanglaoji and its consumers.

Wu Xiaobo, a financial expert, said that Wanglaoji's personalized production mode based on consumption demands had reshaped the product power and brand power, strengthened the emotional exchange between the brand and young customers, enhanced the added value of products and consumption experience of the herbal tea industry, boosted value upgrading of the herbal tea industry, and provided models of C2B operation for FMCG enterprises.

"Industrial 4.0" Accelerated to Build a Manufacturing Power

Wanglaoji's "Super Ji+"Platform Upgraded

At present, China has entered the era of "Industry 4.0" featuring enhanced integration between industry and the Internet. Industrial Internet platforms have been and will continue to be established with the adoption of state policies such as "Made in China 2025" and "2019 Work Plan of Industrial Internet Project Team". In manufacturing sector, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and other digital technologies are being widely applied to industrials and consumers. Brands, products and channels have become new growth points in the market. Consumers are demanding better products, services and consumer experiences. Therefore, it has become a new demand and trend to build private traffic platforms for brands, mount accurate operation and provide personalized service in different circles.

This a huge blue ocean as well as a huge challenge. Weng Shaoquan, general manager of Wanglaoji Health, said that on the one hand, Wanglaoji should follow the trend and help build China into a manufacturing power; on the other hand, to succeed in the consumer market dominated by young consumers and the middle-class consumers, and to meet the increasingly high demand of consumers for products, services and consumer experience, Wanglaoji should put consumers first and accelerate its transformation and upgrading.

As of October 2019, the number of the members of Wanglaoji has reached about ten million, thanks to Wanglaoji’s unique "Super Ji + 4.0" marketing strategy, a user-centered symbiotic marketing pattern between enterprises, and enterprises and platforms driven by big data to. The launch of the mini program can be viewed as an upgrade of "Super Ji + 4.0" in that Wanglaoji will build a small batch of intelligent factories producing a variety of products based on big data-driven operation, so that consumers will become "users" and a huge "herbal tea ecosystem" driven by technology will be built.

With strategic cooperation as an opportunity, Wanglaoji continues to target young consumers

The launch of “Wanglaoji-Game for Peace” strategic cooperation not only brings a more innovative game experience to young consumers, but also promotes Wanglaoji's strategic cooperation plan through diversified and precise marketing mode, and provides experience support for Wanglaoji to build a herbal tea ecosystem.

Based on the FMCG market, Wanglaoji has been targeting the younger generation, exploring their needs, making innovations and breakthroughs, and making its products better targeted at young consumers. In addition to the mini program, Wanglaoji also joined hands with strong IPs this year. For example, with interactive marketing as the guide, Wanglaoji cooperated with Xishanju’s "FFBE", carried out "Wanglaoji - TikTok Seeing Music Project" with TikTok, and held "Weibo All-Stars VLOG Contest". Wanglaoji has continuously launched new marketing campaigns on social media to have more personalized interaction with more young consumers.

It can be foreseen that in the next few years, Wanglaoji will be able to meet the demand of users for more personalized customized products. The C2B customization model for Wanglaoji has just begun, and Wanglaoji needs to make more efforts to create new consumption scenarios and meet more segmented consumption needs.