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The World's First International Standard for Liang Cha (Herbal Tea) Released at Fortune Global Tech Forum

2019-11-08 836 browsing

On November 7, 2019 Fortune Global Tech Forum kicked off in Guangzhou. The 2019 Fortune Global Tech Forum, with the theme of "Innovation for Building a Better Future", brings together more than 200 world influential innovation leaders, and continuously shows the world China's innovation and important trends in the global science and technology field.

As the chief partner of this forum, GPHL's Wanglaoji Herbal Tea and Wanglaoji Ciningji Compound Juice made appearance at the venue as the official exclusive beverages of the forum, which were well received by the guests.

This is not the first time Wanglaoji herbal tea has made appearance at the Forum. As early as 2017, GPHL became a strategic partner of the Forum, and Wanglaoji made its first appearance as the official exclusive herbal tea brand. This year is the third year that GPHL has cooperated with Fortune Global Tech Forum. GPHL became the Forum's chief partner and Wanglaoji Herbal Tea and Ciningji Compound Juice became the official exclusive designated beverage to show the world the unique charm of Chinese beverages.

At the Forum, the world's first "International Standard for Liang Cha (Herbal Tea)" was officially released, attracting widespread concern.

The third time that GPHL has cooperated with the Fortune Global Tech Forum

Release the First International Standard for Liang Cha (Herbal Tea) and Create a New Era of Herbal Tea

During the Fortune Global Tech Forum, witnessed by Zhou Zhong, member of the Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal Committee and vice mayor, Zhou Daihan, a master of Chinese medicine, Wang Guilin, Director of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Alan Murray, president of Fortune magazine and chief content officer of Time Group, Li Chuyuan, Chairman of GPHL, Yang Jun,  General Manager of GPHL, Fang Guanghong, Chairman of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Weng Shaoquan, General Manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., Yuan Cheng, Chairman of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Hanfang Modern Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yu Zhibin, Secretary General of Plant Extract Branch of China Chamber of Commerce for Imports and Exports of Medicines and Health Products, and Dr. Yang Lufang of Swiss SGS Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd., and other leaders and guests, Wanglaoji released the world's first "International Standard for Liang Cha (Herbal Tea)".

Zheng Rongbo, President of Wanglaoji Research Institute, introduced: "As the first enterprise in China to conduct research on international standards of herbal tea, Wanglaoji joined hands with SGS, Switzerland, the world's leading inspection, appraisal, testing and certification body, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, an international academic organization, and herbal tea production and trade enterprises, experts and scholars from dozens of countries and regions to adopt relevant food safety standards of various countries and carry out continuous verification and experts evaluation based on the cultural characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Finally, the standard was approved by more than 100 directors of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and became the world's first herbal tea technical standard officially released by the herbal tea industry. "

The World's First "International Standard for Liang Cha (Herbal Tea)” Press Conference

For the first time, this standard gives a clear definition of herbal tea in Chinese and English, and uses the Chinese Pinyin "Liangcha" as its English translation. The rigorous, systematic, advanced and applicable standard is of milestone significance for Chinese herbal tea to succeed in the international stage and will promote the development of the entire herbal tea beverage industry.

Dr. Yang Lufang of SGS pointed out that the standard integrated technical indexes of senses, physics and chemistry, and additives, took into account the use of raw and auxiliary materials, production technology, and the laws and regulations of traditional Chinese medicine in various countries and other influencing factors, and deciphered the "magic code" of Wanglaoji herbal tea through science and technology so as to ensure product quality, standardize the production of herbal tea, and gain world recognition and acceptance.

Dr. Yang Lufang Introduces the International Standards for Liang Cha (Herbal Tea)

Industry experts deem that the release of this standard marks the beginning of the era of standardized herbal tea production of Wanglaoji, contributes to the international promotion of Chinese herbal tea and Chinese culture, and speeds up the international development of herbal tea industry.

Accelerating Internationalization and Creating the "Chinese Symbol"

In addition to the formulation of the international standards, in recent years, Wanglaoji has continuously accelerated its internationalization process through promoting its "Auspicious Culture" and telling its brand stories to the world.

Since 2018, Wanglaoji has set up overseas herbal tea museums in New York, Tokyo, etc., and plans to set up more herbal tea museums in 56 cities around the world in the future.

In 2019, despite the adverse global economic situation, Wanglaoji resisted the downward trend in its international development and achieved remarkable results.

From January to September this year, the export volume of Wanglaoji herbal tea increased by 63.7% year-on-year, and is expected to increase by nearly 50% year-on-year for the whole year, which will once again reach a record high in export volume.

Wanglaoji has established a perfect product trading system overseas, with a sales network covering 60 countries and regions on five continents.

The 191-year-old Wanglaoji firmly believes that the health philosophy of herbal tea culture is the common wealth of mankind and the whole world. Wanglaoji is committed to making herbal tea a banner for China's time-honored brands in the world to promote the exchanges and integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

Wanglaoji Herbal Tea and Ciningji Compound Juice exclusive to the Forum