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Young talents for Wanglaoji! Just Follow Me! Feel the Charm of the Workplace!

2020-01-02 746 browsing

To strengthen the building of the company’s talents team and enhance the development of campus talents so that more fresh graduates will become the backbone of the department and even the company, from December 23 to 24, the company provided the "New Generation in the Workplace" training entitled "Rubik's Cube in Workplace" customized for the fresh graduates who graduated in 2018 and 2019. Mo Xuebing, manager of the Human Resources Department offered lectures in the training.

High Expectations of the Leaders

Before the training began, Wu Huinan, secretary of the Party Committee, and Wu Taosheng, director of the Human Resources Department, visited the training site and communicated with the fresh graduates.

Wu Huinan stressed that the Human Resources Department should pay special attention to the career development of the fresh graduates, and answered their questions about career path. Secretary Wu encouraged them to learn from others modestly, accumulate work experience, make self-improvement, and find a suitable career path based on their business skills.

At the same time, Secretary Wu said that he fully understood the life pressure young people were facing, and that the company would care about the fresh graduates, and respect and protect the talents of the company.

Director of the Human Resources Department Wu Taosheng introduced in detail the “Three-Year Training Plan” for campus talents to the fresh graduates to help them adapt to the workplace step by step. In addition, Director Wu said, he firmly believed that the fresh graduates would contribute to the competitiveness and development of Wanglaoji in the future.

Wanglaoji School of Management strives to promote the cooperation between the Human Resources Department and other departments of the company to share valuable experience with fresh graduates and provide a broad platform for them to form their own circles, communicate with each other, and make innovation and optimization in their work.

Exploration period

Manager Mo Xuebing of the Human Resources Department offered wonderful lectures during the two days to fresh graduates on the equation of "character + output = excellence".

The training on the exploration period is offered through showing multiple scene videos so that the trainees can integrate the scenes in the videos with their actual work, and then have discussions and analysis to adapt to the environment, finish tasks and integrate into the team.

These fresh graduates have been working in Wanglaoji for at least half a year. Through repeated summarization and experience sharing, they have gained new insights and clearer understanding of how to define their roles, how to make use of the resources, how to communicate effectively, how to subdivide tasks and how to complete tasks. After the training, they have benefited a lot.

Looking forward to meeting again

The graduates who graduated in 2018 and 2019 shared their feelings about this "Rubik's Cube in the Workplace" training.

Through this training, they have gained a deeper understanding of the company and their colleagues, and developed a sense of belonging to the company. They all look forward to the next training and more communication with colleagues.

At the end of the two-day training, Secretary Wu awarded the outstanding fresh graduates and their teams and took group photos with all the trainees.

Wanglaoji School of Management will continue to provide a broad platform for fresh graduates so that they will contribute more to Wanglaoji's development.