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Chairman Li Chuyuan of GPHL Inspected Wanglaoji Health Company

2020-02-15 1809 browsing

On the morning of February 11, 2020, Comrade Li Chuyuan, Party Secretary and Chairman of GPHL, inspected Wanglaoji Health Company for production and work resumption, and epidemic prevention and control. All members of the company's party committee and administration attended the meeting.

Li Chuyuan, Chairman of GPHL, inspected Wanglaoji Health

At the meeting, leaders of Wanglaoji Health reported on the marketing and production during the Spring Festival, work and production resumption after the Spring Festival, and epidemic prevention and control. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, affected by nationwide township roads closure, closure of supermarkets, stores and restaurants, people seldom go out for shopping and dine together. As a result, the consumer industry has been severely affected, and our products and markets are no exception. Chairman Li Chuyuan attaches great importance to solving the difficulties the company is currently facing, and has made specific requirements of the current work. 

First, he hoped that Wanglaoji Health company would actively open up new sources and cut costs, expand e-commerce channels, optimize brand promotion, innovate marketing development path, learn from the Group’s advance experience of "prompt action, practical measures, good results" during the pandemic, and infer other things from one fact, so as to resolve the current crisis.

Secondly, he hoped that the company would be firmly confident in the fight against the pandemic and enhance the publicity of the advanced employees and deeds that appeared during the pandemic to set good examples for the whole company.

Third, he hoped that the company would ensure the safety and health of all the employees and implement the measures of epidemic prevention and control.

Next, he hoped that under the leadership of GPHL, Wanglaoji Health would make concerted efforts to prevent and fight against the pandemic, and at the same time, resume normal production in an orderly and scientific manner, and do solid work in operation and production with full efforts.