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Wanglaoji’s First Internship Program for Interns from New Zealand Finished

2020-01-23 836 browsing

What has happened to the interns from New Zealand while they were working in Wanglaoji Health over the past two months?

On January 21, 2019, the summing-up meeting of the Oakland University • Wanglaoji Auspicious Culture Emissary Internship Program was held. Five young students from Oakland University shared their understanding of traditional Chinese medicine culture and the brand culture of Wanglaoji, as well as their internship experience over the past two months at the meeting. Wu Huinan, Party Secretary of Wanglaoji Health, Zhao Min, Deputy General Manager of Wanglaoji Health, and heads of related departments attended the meeting.

The summing-up meeting of the Oakland University • Wanglaoji Auspicious Culture Emissary Internship Program

At the meeting, Wanglaoji Health awarded these five interns the title of "New Zealand • Wanglaoji Auspicious Culture Emissary" to recognize what they had done in spreading Wanglaoji's Auspicious Culture. Before they came to China, they knew little about traditional Chinese medicine culture and Wanglaoji herbal tea culture. But now, they are able to introduce Wanglaoji herbal tea and traditional Chinese medical concepts such as “internal heat” to their family and friends in New Zealand. They have done a lot to promote Wanglaoji’s Auspicious Culture worldwide so that more people from diverse cultural backgrounds will appreciate the unique charm of Chinese culture.

The interns share their work results and experience

A unique field trip for interns from Oakland University to appreciate traditional Chinese medicine culture and herbal tea culture

After visiting the major museums of GPHL and appreciating the unique charm of traditional Chinese medicine culture and herbal tea culture, these five interns were assigned to different departments of Wanglaoji to start their unique field trip.

Sabrina and Kara, interns in the Public Affairs Department, compared the differences between Chinese and Western marketing communications, explored social platforms and content, and explained the concept of "internal heat" in a way that foreigners could understand more easily. At the same time, in the 2020Spring Festival Care Campaign, they made some popular vlogs based on their personal experience of the Chinese Spring Festival culture and Auspicious Culture to spread care and warmth to more people.

Sabrina said, "Being able to learn and work at Wang Lao Ji has been the highlight of 2019 for me. I will always cherish this internship as it is such a valuable experience and will truly miss interning here.”

Kara said happily, "Now, for the first time I feel as though I have clarity and purpose in what I'm studying and towards my future.”

Darwin and Mikaylie, interns at the International Commerce Department, had a systematic study on the development process of Wanglaoji's export products and overseas market maintenance, had discussions on the new breakthroughs and new positioning in the international market, and had contacted a local Cambodian channel customer to achieve friendly communication with the goal of cooperation.

Mikaylie, an intern from the United States, said that the experience in China and at Wanglaoji was far more than he had imagined, "I am excited to take home to New Zealand and implement into my own life and share with my loved ones.”

Darwin shared the highlights of his internship, saying, "I have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge with the International Business Department. This has given me a solid foundation in understanding the international business sector. It was a very enjoyable process having a further understanding about China, and learning the international business trade and then putting it into practice.”

At the sharing meeting, Claire, an intern at the Corporate Culture Department, shared her experience of working and living in Guangzhou in Chinese. She said that during the two-month internship, she had gained a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture. She said that after learning more about Chinese medicine culture, she tried to translate some Chinese medicine cultural materials so as to spread the herbal tea culture and Auspicious Culture to friends from different cultural backgrounds more vividly. She felt very happy to be able to continue to improve her Chinese language level and work skills while working in Wanglaoji. She said, “I feel extremely honored to have this valuable internship in Wanglaoji. Thank you!”

On January 22nd, the interns attended the launch ceremony of the Guangzhou Wanglaoji Flower Market, and participated in some interactive games with the Guangzhou residents strolling around the flower market. They expressed good wishes to each other. After this cultural experience, their internship at Wanglaoji drew to an end.

Launching Ceremony of Wanglaoji’s West Lake Flower Market

Wanglaoji will offer more opportunities of internship to overseas talents

Inviting the first batch of overseas interns to work in Wanglaoji is Wanglaoji’s new attempt to strengthen global cultural exchanges and to train outstanding talents jointly with overseas universities. In recent years, Wanglaoji has accelerated its expansion into overseas markets and its promotion of Auspicious Culture to the world.

In May 2019, Wanglaoji and Auckland University reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement in talents training and cultural exchange, and established the "New Zealand Wanglaoji Auspicious Culture Emissary Scholarship". Funded by the scholarship, five students from Auckland University came to Wanglaoji for internship in December 2019. Their strong learning ability and unique opinions and suggestions also helped the staff of Wanglaoji have brand-new ideas.

Wu Huinan, secretary of the party committee of Wanglaoji Health Company, said that during the internship, the interns provided new insights into Wanglaoji’s overseas development. At present, Wanglaoji has become a well-known brand in the Chinese herbal tea market, but there is still great room for its development in the international market. Secreatry Wu hoped that the interns would come back to China in the future to learn more about Wanglaoji’s brand promotion and provide more suggestions for Wanglaoji’s overseas development.

Wu Huinan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wanglaoji Health, made a speech

Zhao Min, deputy general manager of Wanglaoji Health Company, said that although the internship program was nearing its end, it would promote further cultural exchanges between Wanglaoji and more foreign interns. She said that during the internship, the interns had a new understanding of China's excellent traditional culture. She hoped that the interns would bring traditional Chinese medicine culture back to New Zealand and introduce it to their family members and friends so that more people would appreciate traditional Chinese medicine culture.

Zhao Min hoped that the interns would gain deeper understanding of China's excellent traditional culture in the days to come. She added that the interns would be welcome to Wanglaoji after graduation to contribute more to the cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand and to the international promotion of Auspicious Culture.

Zhao Min, Deputy General Manager of Wanglaoji Health Company, made a speech

In 2020, Wanglaoji will launch the second overseas internship program for Auckland University students in Wanglaoji. With a more open and inclusive attitude, more overseas students are welcome to Wanglaoji for cultural exchanges. Wanglaoji will continue to spread traditional Chinese medicine culture and Auspicious Culture to the world in a multi-dimensional way so that more people will get to know about China’s herbal tea culture and health concepts, and the world will become more auspicious.