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2020-03-26 1960 browsing

Since the beginning of 2020, doctors and nurses have made tremendous efforts to fight against COVID-19, and people in other walks of life have also made great efforts to build hospitals, distribute anti-epidemic materials and clean and disinfect streets. Hundreds of millions of people stayed at home to fight the epidemic.

After two months of hard work, good news finally came that no confirmed cases had been reported in many places for many days, many mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan had been closed, and many provinces had announced the resumption of classes and production....

If everyone is auspicious, China will be auspicious.

In order to support epidemic prevention and control, Wanglaoji launched the "Healthy China Care Campaign" to bring good luck to units and enterprises providing medical treatment, public transportation, community service, logistics service, media service and other public services in the front line across the country.

After visiting nearly 100 cities across the country and communicating with staff in charge of epidemic prevention and control in various industries, Wanglaoji found that different regions had adopted different measures to fight the same virus.

Henan: an excellent example of epidemic prevention and control

To fight the epidemic, Henan province has adopted many effective measures and other provinces did not hesitate to learn from the experience of Henan. The people in Henan not only have abandoned their original plans to visit friends and relatives, but also called on others not to gather by inventing humorous and effective slogans. Besides, the community workers have done their best to prevent and control the epidemic.

Recently, Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team visited the neighborhood committee of Daimiao in Xinyang City, Henan Province; the neighborhood office of Minquan Road; the Zhongyuan District of Zhengzhou City and other neighborhood offices to distribute Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice to give greetings to the community workers fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team gave greetings to epidemic prevention personnel in neighborhood committees and offices in Henan

Sichuan: Police officers ban people from playing mahjong

Early on, a clip of video of Sichuan police banning local residents from playing mahjong was widely spread, causing laughter and praise. Although people in Sichuan love playing mahjong deeply, they would better not play now because there are risks of epidemic spread.

In order to dissuade the local residents from playing mahjong, the police officers patrolled villages and streets, addressed crowds through loudspeakers on unmanned aerial vehicles, and adopted unusual measures such as confiscating some mahjong tiles. All these measures are a testimony to the wisdom and hard work of the police officers and community workers.

Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team delivers herbal tea to the staff of public security bureaus, neighborhood offices and centers for disease control

Recently, Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team went to Sichuan Province to deliver Wanglaoji herbal tea to the frontline police in Chenghua District of Chengdu, and the staff of the neighborhood office of Songhuajiang Road Community of Bajiaojing Street of Jingyang District of Deyang City to express sincere respect and gratitude to them.

Beijing: Nothing is more reassuring than latest real news

There are many reporters in Beijing. After the outbreak of the epidemic, they went to the front line to report on the latest news, and the editors were all on 24/7 standby to spread the accurate information about the epidemic in a timely manner.

On this special battlefield, the journalists are extremely tired, but they still feel that they have not done enough. On February 27, Wanglaoji carried out the "Healthy China Care Campaign” in Beijing to deliver Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice to People's Daily and Beijing Daily Newspaper Group.

Wanglaoji’s team also visited Shuangjing Street and Sanlitun Street in Chaoyang District of Beijing where there would be a large number of people returning to Beijing. The team delivered Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice to the hard-working frontline workers of Beijing Public Transport Group, community workers, doctors in health service centers and police, hoping that they would take care of themselves while protecting the health of residents.

Guangdong: Epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed!

As China's most developed province and a window for foreign exchanges, Guangdong ranks first across the country in terms of the complexity of population source and high frequency of population migration. During the period when the epidemic is not over yet and work and production resumption is underway, to ensure "prevention of both internal and external affection”, Guangdong has been under tremendous pressure.

In order to thank the frontline staff for their hard work, Wanglaoji’s team visited Guangdong CDC and Southern Hospital in February to deliver Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice to the staff there who were fighting the epidemic.

Subways, which extend in all directions and have a daily passenger flow of more than 10 million, is one of the key areas of epidemic prevention and control. Guangzhou’s subway personnel have upgraded the protective measures to the highest level, and implemented measures such as temperature measurement, enforcing mask wearing, and cleaning and disinfection, to ensure the safety of passengers.

In February, Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team visited Guangzhou Subway and delivered Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice rich in vitamin C to the staff there to show our highest respect.

Yunnan: Publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge through folk songs

Yunnan's cadres at the grassroots level, folk artists and media workers carry out publicity through short videos in ethnic languages and folk songs, appealing to the local residents to do a solid work in epidemic prevention. To do better in epidemic prevention and control, community cadres, workers and volunteers start their work at 7 a.m. every day and return home until 12 pm.

Recently, Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team went to Helen International Community and Century City Community in Xiaobanqiao Street of Guandu District of Kunming City, Jingsejiaoxiang Community and Zhaojiuwanwu Community of Qingyun Street of Panlong Disrict, Longma Community of Hongta District of Yuxi City, to deliver Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice to the local community workers who have worked overtime for days.

Public institutions such as the Kunming Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Point and the Yuxi Urban Management and Law Enforcement Unit, which focus on both epidemic prevention and control, and work and production resumption, have played a central role in fighting the epidemic. They serve the people wholeheartedly and provide strong support for the fight against the epidemic and economic recovery. Wanglaoji’s team delivered Wanglaoji herbal tea and Ciningji juice to the staff there.

So far, Wanglaoji's "Healthy China Care Campaign" team has gone to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guizhou, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Hunan and other areas and has carried out more than 120 activities to deliver our products to the staff in all walks of life who were fighting the epidemic.

People all over the country share the same destiny. All the staff of Wanglaoji have done their best and carried out various activities to support epidemic prevention and control. Wanglaoji will continue to make its due contribution to the complete recovery from the epidemic.