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Goods Preparation for Spring Festival (Part II): We are growing together with the company

2020-01-20 762 browsing

If the sales during the Spring Festival is compared to a battle, Wanglaoji's sales team is like the soldiers fighting on the frontline of the battlefield, and the production team is like the logistics soldiers transporting grain and fodder. If the sales during the Spring Festival is compared to a tall building, Wanglaoji's sales team is like a skyscraper and the production team is like the foundation of the skyscraper. To know more about Wanglaoji’s goods preparation and delivery for the coming Spring Festival, the editorial department visited the company's production team last month and got to know some lovely and respectable staff of Wanglaoji. Through them, the author seems to have a deeper understanding of some unique qualities of Wanglaoji's production team.

Everyone is a "powered carriage"

"The reason why high-speed trains run fast is that every carriage is powered instead of being pulled only by the locomotive. Now every department knows what its goals are, and all staff work together spontaneously towards one direction." said Zeng Jingkao, deputy general manager of the Production Technology Center when talking about the teams of Wanglaoji Health.

Just as Zeng said, everyone in the production team is now like a "powered carriage". When problems arise, they will strive to solve them instead of leaving them aside. “Everyone knows that all work processes are closely linked. If a problem in a certain process is not solved, the subsequent production and sales will be affected."

Xiao Xiongchao, regional manager of the Warehouse Department, felt the same way, "Most of Wanglaoji's resident warehouse personnel are able to undertake their tasks alone such as managing a warehouse well. Once a problem arises in the warehouse one takes charge of, he/she should find their own ways to solve the problem.”

We are growing together with the company

Every year, the Spring Festival is the busiest period for the production team of Wanglaoji. However, even during the Spring Festival this year, the workload for the team is still very heavy, and the staff often work overtime. Xiao Xiongchao, who joined Wanglaoji Health in 2012, has a clear feeling that the warehouse staff are under lighter pressure of receiving and delivering goods during this year’s Spring Festival. "I remember that in the first two years after I joined the company, the factories would begin to transfer goods on the 3rd or 4th of the lunar new year, and we had to return to the factories to receive and deliver goods. But now, we work overtime only when it is necessary." Xiao Xiongchao said.

Zhang Junfeng, manager of the operation system of the Production and Operation Department, has the same feeling, "Even if the ‘front warehouse’ mode is adopted this year, the number of transferring orders has increased nearly 20 times compared with the same period last year. Since we have adopted the "transfer warehouse" mode and accumulated related experience, we are now able to meet challenges in a more positive way and adapt to the changing circumstances much better."

According to Mr. Zeng, after so many years of research and development, Wanglaoji's Production Technology Center has summed up some of the past experience and gradually implemented new measures. "Since the company's systems, rules and regulations have been constantly improved, goods receipt and delivery are basically carried out according to the plans in the system, so emergencies are not likely to occur, and goods delivery during the Spring Festival will run smoothly. We are growing together with the company.” said Xiao Xiongchao.

A big family in Wanglaoji: "It makes me feel at home."

In addition to the continuous growth of the company and the improvement of one’s own capabilities, the family-like atmosphere in the department is another reason why Xiao Xiongchao chooses to stay in his position. "My deepest memory is that in 2013 when I was on a business trip, I caught a bad cold and contracted pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. After hearing about this, a company leader immediately called me to tell me to take good care of myself, and my colleagues in the local warehouse even came to the hospital to take care of me after work." Even if this happened several years ago, it still makes Xiao Xiongchao deeply moved. "The whole company is like a big family. Whenever someone encounters problems, all the colleagues will offer their helping hands.

"The company really cares about the employees! The leaders often say that health is a top priority even if the work is busy and the tasks are formidable." According to some warehouse staff, since the work tasks in the transfer warehouses and front warehouses during the Spring Festival are formidable, in order to relieve the pressure of warehouse staff, the Production Technology Center dispatched middle-level management personnel to various areas across the country to help the local staff inspect the transfer warehouses so as to reduce their workload.