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Goods Preparation for Spring Festival (Part I): 20-day smooth delivery after 180-day hard work

2020-01-20 779 browsing

"Time is short and the task is heavy." When asked about the source of pressure during the Spring Festival in 2020, colleagues at Wanglaoji Health Production Technology Center would give almost the same answer.

In order to ensure smooth product supply during the Spring Festival, in July the previous year, the Production Technology Center began to prepare the supply plan for the Spring Festival; in September, all the staff of the Storage Department and Logistics Department began to follow up storage capacity and transportation capacity; in October, colleagues in the Production and Operation Department began to implement the overall plan. In order to ensure smooth products delivery during the 20 days of the Spring Festival and achieve a good start in sales in the whole year, the staff of Wanglaoji have worked hard for 180 days.

Business before the Festival

"I am either working in the warehouse or on the way to the warehouse."

At 10 a.m. in the production base of Wanglaoji Health in Guangzhou, a warehouse keeper was sitting in front of a computer, inputting the newly completed outbound data into the system.

"As warehouse staff, we mainly take charge of the daily inspection, receiving, storage, safekeeping, delivery, account management, and inventory recording of goods. At the same time, we are also responsible for the daily inspection of the warehouse to ensure that the factory manages the materials in strict accordance with the company's regulations and also to ensure the safety of Wanglaoji's assets." As the Spring Festival is approaching, in addition to completing the work of the warehouse, the warehouse keepers should also be responsible for the docking between the transfer warehouse and the front warehouse as well as the accounting work. Xiao Xiongchao, a regional supervisor in the storage department of the production center, takes charge of the storage, management, coordination and inspection of 8 processing plants, 14 transfer warehouses and 245 front warehouses in 4 provinces. In the previous month, he was either working in the warehouse or on his way to the warehouse. "I have been working in Wanglaoji Health for 7 years, and during all Spring Festivals, I am very busy. As a regional supervisor, in case of unusual situation, I should do the coordination work immediately, so I will basically spend more than three weeks a month on business trips."

While Xiao Xiongchao showed the author of this report how warehouse keepers worked, we found that their work stations were filled with stacks of bound documents and statements. "Since last November, the production, material arrival and finished product shipment have reached their peak, and the volume of goods entering and leaving the warehouse was very large, so the storage capacity was under tremendous pressure. Therefore, we must sort out the data of daily receipt and delivery and count the daily inventory. Once the storage capacity is insufficient, an early warning shall be given three days in advance so that colleagues in the Operation Department and the Logistics Department can make timely adjustments. Otherwise, our warehouses will be out of space and production arrangement will be affected."

It should be noted that logistics vehicles do not arrive at factories evenly, especially during the Spring Festival period when most warehouses have to arrange for goods delivery and loading at 8 or 9 p.m., and some warehouses even have to deliver goods 24 hours a day. "So recently we have to work overtime." In order to provide timely and accurate data for smooth production and operation, the staff of the warehouse often have to work until 9 or 10 p.m. every day to input the latest data into the system.

Xiao Xiongchao said: "As warehouse keepers, we should be extremely careful, patient and responsible."

Make plans in advance to improve transport capability during the Spring Festival

In the office on the 38th floor of Wanglaoji Health headquarter in Guangzhou, colleagues at the Production and Operation Department are still processing the production and transfer orders for the Spring Festival in front of computers. They have been working hard for more than a month in order to make all products deliver smoothly before the Spring Festival.

"The Spring Festival in 2020 comes earlier than before, so the preparation time for goods delivery during Spring Festival is shorter and the transportation pressure is heavier. If we start to ship all the goods in January, we can only ship about half of them and tens of millions of boxes of goods will be overstocked in the warehouse. As operators, we must make effective plans to deal with any possible problems that may occur during the Spring Festival so as to achieve our initial sales task for the Spring Festival." According to Zhang Junfeng, manager of operation system of the Production and Operation Department, in July the previous year, the company made detailed plans to avoid the above-mentioned problems, for example, adding "front warehouses" to store goods, and transferring the products from the production base to the customer warehouse in December to reduce the pressure of centralized goods delivery by the factories, speed up the logistics time of terminal distribution, and ensures the smooth delivery of goods to customers within 20 days before the Spring Festival.

As thousands of front warehouses have been built this year, the number of transfer orders issued by colleagues in the Production and Operation Department has increased by nearly 20 times compared with the same period last year. The items and quantity applied by customers on each transfer order need to be reviewed. Zhang Junfeng said frankly, "To complete the work, six colleagues have been temporarily transferred to our department, but the workload is still overwhelmingly heavy. We often work overtime and consider to optimize business processes and enhance batch processing capabilities with the information system so as to greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the probability of making errors. Under such great work pressure, we never complain, but endeavor to meet the changing demands of the market with a positive attitude, implement each plan seriously and responsibly, and rise up to all sorts of challenges bravely. "

"The coming January is really challenging since it witnesses the fastest change in sales rhythm throughout the year. Generally, after we deliver the goods, the market will make some responses and we will receive relevant feedback. Then the Sales Department will make corresponding adjustments and the supply chain will make a global coordination in a timely manner. As an old saying goes, 'The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring.’ A good start in the Spring Festival is beneficial to the company's development in the coming year.” said Zeng Jingkao, deputy general manager of the Production Center.

With the Spring Festival approaching, Wanglaoji's sales team is getting ready for a big “battle”, and the production team has already worked overtime and made full efforts for the success in the Spring Festival. The success in the Spring Festival in 2020 belongs to all the staff of Wanglaoji.