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New red-canned Wanglaoji herbal teas appear at the Great Wall, and are expected to realize sales amount of 30 billion yuan in five years

2012-06-03 867 browsing

Wanglaoji, the ancestor of herbal tea brand, founded in 1828, welcomed a historical leap on 3 June, 2012: The new red-canned Wanglaoji made its first appearance at China Great Wall which is one of the world's Eight Wonders and the symbolic building of the Chinese nation. GPHL held a grand launching ceremony for the red-canned Wanglaoji herbal tea at Shuiguan Great Wall and published the Great Wall Declaration, aiming to make Wanglaoji a world-class brand. The Group also announced the establishment of Wanglaoji Charity Fund of 182.2 million yuan to fund thousands of poverty-stricken students to realize their dream of entering universities. Meanwhile, the marketing team of Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Ltd., which produces and manages red-canned Wanglaoji, made its debut at the ceremony. The team expressed their confidence in the future development of red-canned Wanglaoji and set a goal to bring in 30 billion yuan of sales amount annually in five years and realize a sales amount of 60 billion yuan by 2020.

The release of new red-canned Wanglaoji has received great supports from the society, including government, experts, suppliers and dealers. Nearly a hundred of partners involving in the production of red-canned Wanglaoji and over 100 presses all over the country were attracted to the ceremony.

Red-canned Wanglaoji came into market as scheduled at the Great Wall

Once stepping on Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall, the journalist saw immediately eight 5-meter-long scrolls hung above the meeting place, reading "Wanglaoji, the ancestor of herbal tea", "Drink Wanglaoji if you a cup of herbal tea". National elements can be observed all over the site and even the signing-up link for guests and presses was full of national characteristics such as writing brush and bamboo slip. On site, there was also a model of the Great Wall laid by the new red-canned Wanglaoji. And the ramparts of Badaling Shuiguan Great Wall were widely adorned with red flags of Wanglaoji. It was really an eyeful of red on the Great Wall.

But how does the new red-canned Wanglaoji look like? The answer will be unveiled at the conference. According to the journalist, the package of red-canned Wanglaoji mainly emphasizes the position of Wanglaoji in the industry, as the ancestor of herbal tea, and the Chinese characters of Wanglaoji adopt the fonts on the scroll-like trademark with yellow characters on a red background, very impressive. National elements like Chinese Knot are added in the design of the can body to show the national identity of the brand.

The person in charge of GPHL introduced that it was of great significance to launch the new product on China's symbolic building - the Great Wall, because Wanglaoji was the first trademark of China and the spokesman of the national brands, while the Great Wall usually represented China's 5,000 years of history and culture and was considered the symbol of the Chinese nation. As a popular saying, "Only the national characteristics are welcomed to the world." The appearance of red-canned Wanglaoji at the Great Wall was intended to make the brand Wanglaoji more national and hence more international, and also showed the consumers, the society and even the world how confident GPHL was to make Wanglaoji a world-class brand.

Operating team of red-canned Wanglaoji appeared and published the Great Wall Declaration

GPHL held a press conference on 28 May to authorize Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Ltd. to operate the red-canned and red-bottled Wanglaoji. Today (3 June), marketing center, administrative center and other sectors of the company made their first appearance and published the Great Wall Declaration. Focusing on upgrading Wanglaoji from a national brand to a world-class brand, the enterprise will adopt three development modes, including product operation, capital management and virtual benefit-producing, and implement six strategies including talents, technology, brand, resources, standards and internationalization to bring in 30 billion yuan on sales in 2017 and 60 billion yuan in 2020. The Declaration also urged the society to cherish this national brand like loving the Great Wall and work together to promote it to the world.

It is worth mentioning that the marketing team of the red-canned Wanglaoji played relay with nearly a hundred of partners, passing a big flag of Wanglaoji, and together, they stuck the flag on a beacon tower. It symbolizes  Wanglaoji GreatHealth Team working together with the partners to scale new heights.

According to Wu Changhai, the President of Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Ltd., recently, suppliers and dealers streamed in and out to negotiate business. Everyone had firm faith in the brand. Until now, they have already received a large amount of advance payment beyond expectations.

Wanglaoji Charity Fund of 182.2 million yuan was established.

As a large state-owned enterprise with a strong sense of responsibility, GPHL has been devoting plenty of efforts into public welfare in all ways and has donated a billion yuan in the past years. Taking the nationwide withdrawal of outdated drugs which lasted for 8 years as an example, 500 million people participated in and it benefited hundreds of millions of family.

At the launching ceremony of red-canned Wanglaoji, GPHL also announced an exciting news that the Group would establish Wanglaoji Charity Fund of 182.8 million yuan which was corresponding to the establishment year of Wanglaoji to pay back to years of social supports. The annual college entrance examination is approaching. The first project of the Charity Fund is to support thousands of poverty-stricken students to enter the colleges. Students obtaining excellent scores but failing to afford the tuition fee can apply for fund from GPHL. Specific application methods will be posted on the official website of GPHL recently.

Attachments: Great Wall Declaration

Great Wall Declaration

The herbal tea is the treasure of Chinese nation as the Great Wall is the pride of country. Being the first brand of the nation, Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Ltd. of GPHL, the heir of the ancestor of Chinese herb tea, will implement "136" development strategy (one goal, three approaches and six strategies) to promote Wanglaoji from a national brand to a world-class brand.

During Wanglaoji's 184 years of development, consumers have built the Great Wall of strength with love while partners of each link, such as supply, production, circulation and terminal, helped to build the Great Wall of value with their heart. Today, Wanglaoji sounds the trumpets to reach out to the world. At this historical moment, we are bearing glorious missions and heavy responsibilities, but we still have great confidence and enthusiasm.

Here, we solemnly swear:

1. Inherit the culture of Wanglaoji herbal tea and put great efforts to make the brand bigger and stronger;

2. Lead the development of massive health industry and provide high-quality products to consumers;

3. Build a fair and well-organized value chain system and work together with the partners to create brilliant;

4. Give full support to public welfare and enhance the harmonious social development;

Let us join hands and advance national brands together! Make Wanglaoji more welcomed in China and even in the world!